Crowning glory

Eleri’s little body has been battling Osteosarcoma for some time. Until recently, no one would have known that she was so poorly. However, with chemotherapy looming, it is about to become far more obvious. Her thoughts have turned to her hair. She has been unbelievably brave with her diagnosis, but losing her crowning glory has been difficult to come to terms with. We have had ‘I’m going to look like a boy’, ‘nobody will like me’, ‘my friends won’t want to play with me anymore’, and ‘people will stare at me’ to name but a few. For both Rob and I, hearing our confident, bright and beautiful girl worry about these things is yet another strike to the heart. No child should be aware of self image; that said they shouldn’t be aware of pain, hickman lines, MRI scans, cancer or their own mortality – but here we are. We tried to calm her with the usual ‘don’t worry sweetheart you hair will grow back’ but the real game changer was the promise of a plethora of new hats and a comedy wig a day. You do and say whatever you can to soften the blow.

Now even with all this going on Eleri decided that she wanted to cut her golden hair and donate it to The Little Princess Trust. This wonderful charity make real hair wigs for children that are undergoing chemotherapy. So off we went to the hairdressers and half-an-hour later we came out with two ponytails in a bag and a very happy super girl.

We are so unbelievably proud of our fairy. She has shown us that even in our darkest times, she can shine a light and brighten our life. Our love for her knows no bounds.

3 thoughts on “Crowning glory

  1. Beautiful Fairy my amazing goddaughter So proud of you. You are funny, clever and Brave. You can beat this❤❤xxx


  2. Eleri is a very beautiful brave young girl, she will be ok, as she has all the love from her family & there friends . Please god watch over Eleri and her amazing family.


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