365 days since we lost our girl. It’s been one whole year. Reaching a year has been a long hard slog but we have made it. It’s strange how so much has happened but so little has changed. Megan has blessed our life with laughter and love. Owen has not stopped growing or being our … Continue reading 365

The Waves

I am not the only person grieving, especially not at this time.  People who know me know that I am a bit of a prepper.  A prepper, for those who don’t know, is someone who is ‘prepped’ for the end of the world.  In my case in means I always have a fully stocked pantry, fridge and … Continue reading The Waves

Requiem for Eleri

It has been almost seven long weeks since we said goodbye to our girl.  I am still struggling to marry the pictures of Eleri full of life with the idea that she isn’t here anymore.  I still can’t quite fathom how someone who was so full of life and ambition has gone.  I’m still asking … Continue reading Requiem for Eleri

Christmas cheer

It has been weeks, if not months since my last post. I’ll be honest, I haven’t wanted to share. I have needed to sit back and take stock of everything that has happened to our family. I have needed to organise my thoughts, emotions and memories of a truly traumatic time. In the same way … Continue reading Christmas cheer

We have been thrown some crumbs.

I am aware that many of my posts have been generally quite negative in nature. I don't mean them to be and I definitely don't feel like that all the time. However, last night's post was probably the darkest I have written so far. It seems fitting then that the dark can finally be followed … Continue reading We have been thrown some crumbs.

A role of the dice.

Facing reality is takes courage. Knowing something and admitting that you understand the impact of that knowledge by saying it out loud to someone else is something completely different. It has taken me six weeks to find the courage to write this post. Six weeks for me to be able to see our reality in … Continue reading A role of the dice.

A word in your ear…

I wrote this post a little while ago when I was in a particularly bad mood. It doesn’t represent how I feel all the time, but does illustrate the range of emotions we go through on a daily basis. We live in a blame culture and I often battle the urge to find someone to … Continue reading A word in your ear…

Can I ask, what is her prognosis?

This is a brave question and one I have been asked a few times recently. I say brave, because I can’t ask it myself. When I am confronted with this question, it often leaves me almost speechless (I say almost because anyone that knows me will attest that I’m never quite left speechless). I can’t … Continue reading Can I ask, what is her prognosis?


When I started writing this blog it was to write about how we as a family and parents are dealing with cancer arriving in our lives. I didn’t want to detail every step of what Eleri is going through, there are lots of blogs, websites, leaflets and books about the journey of the individual with … Continue reading Wandering

That’s not in the manual!

I finished this over a week ago but have only just got to post it. We are currently in for chemotherapy and Eleri is sleeping off the effects so I have some 'me' time. Hopefully my posts will become more frequent in the next few weeks as things are settling down. Update on what exactly … Continue reading That’s not in the manual!