When I started writing this blog it was to write about how we as a family and parents are dealing with cancer arriving in our lives. I didn’t want to detail every step of what Eleri is going through, there are lots of blogs, websites, leaflets and books about the journey of the individual with … Continue reading Wandering

That’s not in the manual!

I finished this over a week ago but have only just got to post it. We are currently in for chemotherapy and Eleri is sleeping off the effects so I have some 'me' time. Hopefully my posts will become more frequent in the next few weeks as things are settling down. Update on what exactly … Continue reading That’s not in the manual!

Radio silence

It has been two weeks since my last post. I’m not slacking - I have been devoid of my ability to write. Sounds dramatic, but true! Fear not, Eleri is doing well. She has continued to grow stronger physically and mentally. Her anxiety has started to subside now she is no longer in pain and … Continue reading Radio silence

Five weeks strong…

My posts have been few and far between in the last few weeks. It’s not what I wanted but sometimes you have to resign yourself to life not flowing in the direction you want to take. I’m learning that this is ok and you have to go with it for a while and hope you … Continue reading Five weeks strong…

How are you doing?

This is a question we are asked everyday, by everyone. It’s a reasonable enough - people are worried. They really do care about how Eleri is coping with treatment and how we are holding up as a family. The problem, in the last two weeks, has been that we haven’t really known how to answer … Continue reading How are you doing?

Thank you…

I wanted to take a moment and explain a bit more about osteosarcoma, Eleri’s future and the support she may need. I wrote this post last week and just haven’t had time proof read it and publish. Her treatment has deviated a little since then, but I will explain all that in another blog. Before … Continue reading Thank you…


We have had a difficult week. Eleri has been pretty poorly and it has put halt to everything. You know it’s been tough when the medical staff are using words like brave, courageous and strong. The word brave has stuck in my head and I have been pondering over it. Sometime ago I came to … Continue reading Bravery